Friday, 20 April 2018

8rental scam reservation site scam website is a fake transport reservation company. +44 20 36 085 792  

There is no such company in UK or elsewhere in Europe legally registered. There is only a fraudulent website ( by individuals from Moldova pretending to be a "European giant in passenger transportation" and by means of fake scholarships at different american university platforms boosting their site activity with students' interest to the site page, creating additional internet traffic and using students' essays for their site content.

Pretending to be an international transport reservation system they ask their clients to pay a deposit by credit cards on their site but the service in many cases is cancelled before the arrival date with no deposit money return. Sometimes the service is organized but you are never guaranteed. No need to mention that they lie about all insurances and transport legislation conformity.

In some countries (like in France) there are cases of overcharging foreign clients' credit cards after the service.(

They have put a fake UK address on Google information page but in fact there is no such company registered at this address. They manipulate with fake reviews to keep 5star appearance. All other reviews are blocked. real reviews

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to stop such a scam activity in the internet. All the information about the real persons behind is thoroughly hidden. The domain name is registered on the name of another site ( which is registered on a fake name with address from Moldova.

The persons who promote the site creating dozens of fake internet users for posting excellent reviews (mostly from « americans ») are moldovan scammers.


Domain is owned by another site ( which doesn't exist registered by moldovan scammers is registered on a fake name with moldovan address in Chisinau, Moldova

To get more traffic on the site the scammers use fake scholarship announcements on universities's financial aid pages. They use free students essays for the site content and steal students' identities. 
The persons announced on the website as scholarship winners are all fake. fake scholarship winner uses fake identity for a fake scholarship winner fake scholarship winner uses fake identity for a fake scholarship winner fake scholarship winner uses fake identity for a fake scholarship winner

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